Corporate Presentation Templates

PowerPoint templates are one of the most misused and misunderstood tools inside of most mid- and large-sized companies. Employees have little idea how to properly use PowerPoint, so templates get programmed incorrectly, and companies end up with endless variations of the company’s brand, and very poor execution.

A true template closely follows your corporate brand, with consideration of all the ways your company uses presentations (sales, executives, research, HR and more). Perfect PlanIt has deployed templates across 1,000 person teams, including in-person and webinar launch training to ensure users are not left to fend for themselves. Once deployed we can support with rapid-turnaround support for critical deadlines, hotline support for technical questions and ongoing training programs for your team.

Perfect PlanIt’s three-stage development process results in a robust, bulletproof corporate template ready for deployment across the organization. It is ready for all of your organization’s unique needs for slide types, iconography, layouts, photography and any other variable we uncover during development.

Don’t leave your template to freelancers or a designer who doesn’t live in PowerPoint. If you’ve unveiled a new brand let Perfect PlanIt augment your efforts to ensure your vision is realized. The savings in time, effort and headaches will be immeasurable.

Bulk Slide Cleanup

Client who’ve updated their template, their brand or both often are left with important legacy presentations they wish to continue using. Over time this can amount to thousands of slides, and conversion takes time and effort your team can’t spare.

Look to Perfect PlanIt to convert any number of slides from hundreds to tens of thousands. We’ll bring them into your current template and ensure they are accurate and within brand standards. We match our production approach to your business process so that delivery is as seamless as possible, including working in your slide library, sharing Dropbox folders, FTP, SharePoint or other methods. We evaluate the decks against your template, test the conversion of slides, and estimate a per-price slide cost. Your team can save hundreds of hours to spend on more valuable tasks.

Slide, Icon and Photo Libraries

Do you struggle with consistency in your presentations? Our slide library program gives your team instant access to a complete toolbox of brand appropriate photography, icons, and a host a slides to make presentations better. We create custom content just for your company, including data slides, charts/graphs, “big idea” slides, and more. Your team will be faster, while making more powerful pitches that reflect your company’s brand.

  • Icons: We can source existing icons that fit your brand, build custom icons or both. Your team will have a ready resource that prevents the use of terrible clip art.
  • Photography: Using stock photography sites results in a messy mix of shots that don’t reflect your brand. We can source dozens or even hundreds of shots that are on brand and ready to use.
  • Slides: Example slides and actual slides can elevate your entire organization by letting great design bubble up throughout the company. We build slides that your teams are likely to need and organize them for easy reference.


Custom Presentations

Built from the ground up, our custom presentations provide powerful content, stunning visuals, and new ways to think about your data.

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Tools and Templates

Equip your company with robust templates, icons and photo libraries that are designed to scale across the entire organization.

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Let our experts teach your teams better content, design and presenting skills through our ½ day, full-day and two-day sessions at your location.

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