Sales Presentations

Research shows that sales teams spend as much as 40% of their time on low-return activities like creating PowerPoints for their sales presentations.

Your sales team can be more productive if properly armed with sales presentations that leave prospects wowed. They can spend more time with customers, make more compelling presentations and close more sales. And you can do it for less than you are currently spending. Our team produces hundreds of knock-out presentations each month – in PowerPoint, Keynote and other formats – with turnaround in as few as four hours and designed like you wouldn’t believe.

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Storytelling and Kick Ass Content

Data, stats, charts, bullets. Do you want to sit through these presentations? Neither does your audience, but chances are that’s what you’re currently presenting. You risk losing a sale before you ever get the chance to prove you are the best option, because your audience doesn’t understand or care.

Perfect PlanIt creates content that grabs your audience. It reveals the risk of not doing business with you. It shows a path to a better outcome when they do work with you. We can help you step back from the mountain of technical data, product specs, and rote company history and tell a story your audience actually wants to hear.

Case Studies

Case studies are critical for establishing your credibility, yet are one of the hardest marketing tools to produce. Why? Because it takes a lot of time. Back and forth with the customer. Permission and reviews, edits and design. Most bog down and never make it out the door.

Perfect PlanIt’s turnkey case study development program solves this challenge. We handle everything, from customer signoffs, to interviews, drafts, reviews and approvals, design and delivery. We produce both long-form case studies as well as succinct “sales ready” presentation slides the sales team will love.


Capabilities Presentations

Perfect PlanIt capabilities presentations bring your company, your product or your service to vivid life, with a message that moves prospects down the sales pipeline, and a design that elevates your brand above the competition. We do it by first understanding what you want the audience to do, and building the story and design to accomplish that one goal.

We are the go-to capabilities presentation partner for companies like Microsoft, AIG, Seagate, and small and medium sized businesses that need to win in highly competitive environments. We complete the work quickly, and on budget. If you’re looking to make a great first impression and move toward the sale, you should be working with Perfect PlanIt.


Keynote/Ballroom Presentations 

Let Perfect PlanIt help you realize the full potential of your presentation. Let your audience walk out chatting, tweeting and writing about you. Our Big Idea presentations give us the chance to work with you, your content and your visuals in ways that result in a presentation you’ll be proud of, one that will garner the accolades your topic should.

Our services include:

  • Content development by our storytelling team
  • Storyboarding and visual design reviews
  • Visual presentations using custom graphics and animations to capture your audience’s imagination

Big Data Presentations

If data is at the heart of your presentation, let Perfect PlanIt bring it to life. We work with Big Data companies every single day. We can make sense of complex research reports, find the story in the numbers, and focus on what your clients are looking to learn so they retain the content.

Our Big Data clients are extraordinary reliant on how well their data tells a story. We produce hundreds of data presentations, and we understand this space like few other companies. Look to us for better ways to let your data tell a store.

Custom Presentations

Built from the ground up, our custom presentations provide powerful content, stunning visuals, and new ways to think about your data.

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Tools and Templates

Equip your company with robust templates, icons and photo libraries that are designed to scale across the entire organization.

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Let our experts teach your teams better content, design and presenting skills through our ½ day, full-day and two-day sessions at your location.

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