One of the wonderful luxuries of a thriving business is being able to share the good fortune by giving work to other people. We are looking for exceptional PowerPoint designers … people who understand that this program is a wonderful tool to express creativity in new ways. Those who’ve done very well with us are typically people from a traditional design background who are interested in how PPT works with CS5 and other design tools. Is that you?

Most people don’t get it. Here is my all-time favorite response from a job posting we placed for a talented PowerPoint designer: “PowerPoint is not a design program. If you would like to hire a real Designer, who can take you beyond your narrow paradigm of corporate slide presentations, then please see my portfolio.”

I call it ‘the smug guy who knows everything (and therefore, nothing).’ So, if you’re smart enough to know that PowerPoint is simply a tool, and a powerful one at that (and one that’s even more powerful when paired with CS, Flash, video, etc.), then read on …

We’re looking for freelance PowerPoint designers to help with ongoing (and numerous) projects for our corporate clients. We produce dozens of highly customized, professionally designed PPTs each week, and our workload is increasing. Our work product ranges from 20 slide “Big Idea” ballroom presentations to 80 slide product pitches. The content is typically provided by our clients; we make it beautiful using a systematic approach that lets us be efficient and creative.

We will keep you busy if you are:

– A designer at heart who believes PowerPoint is an effective tool for conveying great design

– Absolutely comfortable in all aspects of the slide master, animation, etc.

– Able to create from scratch without the use of PPT’s provided templates

– Comfortable in design programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, etc. to create custom graphics as needed

– Looking to push the boundaries of what the program can do

Unfortunately, we can’t work with you—regardless of talent—if you are a part-time freelancer/ moonlighters. All of our projects move quickly during business hours. Likewise, if you don’t know PowerPoint, we’re not a good fit for obvious reasons, and we’re busy enough that we can’t do on-the-job training. That said, if you understand the program but perhaps have not fully tapped your PowerPoint potential, we may be able to help you excel.

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