Not specifically a presentation topic, but one that affects just about all of us, and that’s version control of the documents you’re creating. If you’re doing anything collaborative, sharing documents through email, chances are you’ve ended up editing a version of the document only to find out someone else has done the same, and now you have two that need to be reconciled.

Our team uses Dropbox

[] when we develop presentations. It’s a small program you install that puts a folder on your desktop (or wherever you want it) and anything you put in there is instantly synced on the other systems of people sharing that folder, and ‘in the cloud’. You have lots of simple control over who can access it, and if someone accidentally deletes a file it can be restored. Best of all, it’s free for up to 2GB, then $9.99 a month for 50GB.

We have a basic rule… no attachments in email. When you coordinate large projects (or multiple projects) across a dozen people, it’s critical to solve this problem. There’s a great demo video explaining it further. Check it out.