So, you’re a marketer. And you do great work. Strategic, well-planned, designed to tell the story in a compelling way. And now you’ve made this phenomenal sales presentation in PowerPoint, because that’s what the sales team needs.

You spent the time, and possibly a small fortune pulling it together. And what happens? The sales team instantly tears it apart, rearranges it, adds their own slides (with typos!). What gives? It was perfect!

It probably was perfect, in an abstract, I’m-presenting-in-a-vacuum sort of way. But here is the immutable truth of sales presentations: sales people—even if highly trained and well-steeped the company’s sales process—will always, always change your presentation. It is as predictable as the seasons, and something you need to get comfortable with. Because the sales person knows best what the prospect or customer needs. They know what’s missing for this particular presentation. And they should have the flexibility to change it easily, because they will whether you like it or not.

The real question is, are you prepared to help them customize it? What if there are 10 of them? Or 50? If you want influence on the message once it leaves your hands, you need to solve how to review it again before it is presented, and to do it without getting in the way of the message the salesperson knows the customer needs, and the turnaround times they will require.