I was at a bonfire last weekend, on a perfect fall evening outside of Pittsburgh. I stood talking with a friend who I’d just introduced the week before to our PowerPoint sales presentation program. I thought the idea of helping his company’s sales team with their presentations might resonate inside his company, where 15 or so salespeople were making frequent pitches to clients and prospects.

It was the most vivid example of an idea clicking I’ve seen in a long time.

He relayed the idea to a sales executive colleague, who’s one of the guys on the front lines, the guy who wants his team out selling, not inside doing their own pitches. The guy who has big numbers to hit (as my friend told me, “We missed our numbers last year. This year they still upped the quota, and everyone is panicked”).

The idea was simple: offload the design piece only … let us do that high volume work and your people focus on what they do best. The impact was huge: “He went and told our boss that we had a new vendor partner ready to start. Our boss came to me and said, ‘what are you doing? Slow down!’ So, I had some untangling to do.”

We’ve taken a few steps back and are going to see if there’s a good fit. But what it showed to me is the immense need for sales presentation help inside sales teams. The instant recognition that their team needs help, and is spending too much time inside, rather than in front of clients.

If all goes well, better days are ahead for his team.