Here’s a simple tip. If you have to email a presentation to a client or prospect (and what salesperson doesn’t in this age?), be prepared for your hard work to go out the window for one reason: there is an excellent chance the recipient will not watch it in “presentation mode” (aka slideshow). You did all those great animations, built a cohesive presentation with great visuals and for what? They click it open in “normal” mode and scroll quickly through your content, even *gasp* skipping some slides.

You have two choices here. First, build it with their convenience in mind. Don’t worry about animations, but make the content great with compelling visuals. This is a sales presentation after all, and you want to sell. With this approach you know they’ll probably read it in normal mode, and that’s ok.

Your second choice, if you really need them to see the whiz bang presentation you’ve created, is to save it as a PowerPoint Show. This forces the viewer to watch it in presentation mode, with no ability to manipulate the slide order (or your content). It’s a good tool for ensuring visuals and slide builds are viewed the way they were designed, and if you have something that relies on builds, it’s a must-do.

Simple tips, but often overlooked.