The talk of green, paperless corporate events is more than doable and much more the norm. When producing sales meetings, trade shows and conferences for our clients, we’ve been incorporating a digital approach to many items that were paper in the past:

• Large flat screens are used to promote event branding, list session and speaker info, acknowledge sponsors and direct traffic. Make the screens COWs

[computers on wheels] and these movable billboards offer even greater flexibility. Unlike printed signs, on-the-fly edits are seamless. Plus, no printing means no waste and no recycling.

• Mobile apps offer an easier and more comprehensive way to share all event details with attendees. Speaker bios, all agenda elements [last-minute room changes included!], exhibit hall maps with links to the vendor websites, directories for networking and even games [based on conference topics] can be shared via the app. For more insight into this offering, take a look at the brief presentation below:

• Evites, online registration, online credit card payments and online surveys round out the zero-paper experience. Utilizing these tools means easier and more accurate ways to collect information.

If you’d like to learn ways to eliminate the paper and waste in your corporate event, click here.