Tread carefully, carefully. Professing love for PowerPoint is akin to talking about how great NASCAR racing is at a Formula 1 event, or what a genius

[insert your candidate of choice] is at a rally for the other guy. Jaws drop. Harrumphs are heard. The brave and self-righteous clear their throats for battle.

Well, I’ll take up that cause.

What other program lets you create on the fly, tell visually stunning stories, and plays nicely with other programs (most of them)? For the very little cash outlay to strap PowerPoint to your computer, you can do remarkable, heroic, amazing things for your story and your business.


You don’t, do you?

You use walls of bullet points. You read them out loud to your audience. You use clip art, cheesy transitions, and somehow, even though in your bones you know it’s wrong, you create 58 slides for a 12 minute presentation. You finish, take some congratulatory solace in the accomplishment of completion, and yet you feel a little dirty. Later, you secretly blame PowerPoint, maybe just a little bit, because it helps you deflect the feeling that you could have done better.