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Reinventing the Wheel is Sometimes the Best Practice


Imagine a world without a smartphone, an electric car (or one that drives itself), Skype or Facebook. Each of these is a part of our world now, and shifting the way we think and work. In most fields, people are quick to follow the tenet of best practices. Rather than take a “from-scratch” approach to [...]

Paperless Events Can Be a Reality


The talk of green, paperless corporate events is more than doable and much more the norm. When producing sales meetings, trade shows and conferences for our clients, we've been incorporating a digital approach to many items that were paper in the past: • Large flat screens are used to promote event branding, list session and [...]

Big Data doesn’t equal Big Insight


If you’re a Big Data company, or if a significant portion of your presentations involve data, you have a unique challenge. Sure, PowerPoint and Keynote provide some attractive options to display data with charts and graphs. But when your goal is clarity, the tools are not enough. Imagine your doctor handing you your test results [...]

The PowerPoint audit: learn first, design second

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If your company has departments that you don’t have day-to-day exposure to, redesigning a corporate PowerPoint, sales presentation or other base template can be fraught with danger. Larger corporations use presentations—especially PowerPoint—in so many ways it’s almost impossible to anticipate every use. The mistake that many of these companies make is that they see the [...]

Slide libraries: a noble, doomed endeavor


Marketing departments have it tough. Their task is to create the materials that properly inform customers and prospects about the company’s products and services. They spend the time to get the message right, design it to fit the corporate brand and then release those materials to the sales team. In most organizations, that’s as far [...]

Turn it up

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One of my great frustrations with presentation design is just where it fits on the hierarchy of marketing needs. Or business needs, for that matter. Somewhere just above ‘clean up my inbox.’ The reason it’s frustrating is because the people who make the decision not to invest in better presentations (or, in fact, even in [...]

Validation: sales and marketing aren’t talking

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I had the pleasure of giving a main session presentation to the Ebix Health User Group (EHUG) conference in Louisville, KY last week. The talk was on social media, and discussed challenges every organization faces when wading into new marketing territory. But it was the executive breakout session on Six Steps to Better Marketing that [...]

Checklist Champs


Event planning is a sea of details ... and without the right "flotation devices" [extensive checklists, great partner vendors, focused planning meetings] you can easily drown. Last Sunday and Monday, we spent time with our clients from The unSUMMIT [a unique, highly targeted conference for pharmacists and nurses who are implementing and promoting barcoding at [...]

We’re looking for a few good designers …

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One of the wonderful luxuries of a thriving business is being able to share the good fortune by giving work to other people. We are looking for exceptional PowerPoint designers … people who understand that this program is a wonderful tool to express creativity in new ways. Those who’ve done very well with us are [...]

Sales people. They get it.

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I was at a bonfire last weekend, on a perfect fall evening outside of Pittsburgh. I stood talking with a friend who I’d just introduced the week before to our PowerPoint sales presentation program. I thought the idea of helping his company’s sales team with their presentations might resonate inside his company, where 15 or [...]