Perfect PlanIt started in 1999 with a simple idea: work with passion at something you love, and with people you love working for. It caught on.

As our clients demanded more, we delivered more. Corporate events across the country grew into a full-service marketing organization to support ever-larger clients and their expanding needs. Seven years ago Microsoft asked us to solve one of their toughest challenges: reducing the time sales teams spent creating their own PowerPoint presentations. We built an entire practice for them. 5,000 presentations later, we do the same for dozens of clients. We deliver great work. We have a list of evangelists who love our service and sell us to others. We invite you to find out why.

TraciCopywriter, Project Manager, Color Freak
When we bought our ski lodge-looking cedar home in November 2007, the first thing on my move-in agenda was paint. I needed color [and lots of it] to combat the rustic brown walls and ceilings and decks and surroundings. To our painter’s chagrin, I was fully satisfied 19 colors later. Read more …
DougMarketer, Presentation Specialist, Mad Scientist
I once built an automatic dog feeder that would make Rube Goldberg proud, but I think it was the first time I fired up the homemade ski rope tow [after 50 hours of researching, designing and building] that I fully satisfied my inner passion. Read more …
NatalieEvent Strategist, Project Manager, Music Junkie
“I’ll take 80s Hair Bands for $1,000, Alex.” No, I haven’t been on Jeopardy, but if Name That Tune was still on the air, you’d be looking at a serious contender. I love music — in the crazy, obsessed, I-know-every-lyric-to-every-song kind of way. Read more …
CathyProject Manager, Speaker Whisperer, Movie Maniac
Scene 1. Lights. Camera. Action!

Setting: Early morning, quiet NYC street, yellow cab pulls up. Scene: She exits cab dressed in that iconic black dress with pearls and signature black sunglasses. Read more …

NikkiProject Manager, Bargain Shopper, Research Guru
I am the definition of a bargain shopper. I owe it to my mother for never letting me pay full price for just about anything. It’s true that I get a rush out of a bargain and am always looking for a better deal. It’s helped me personally, as well as in the workplace. Read more …
MeganBusiness Developer, Intrepid Explorer
I’m an explorer. Not the mud-in-my-shoes kind, but the kind of person who can’t stop trying new things. There’s this common perception that as we become mature adults we settle into routines we don’t like to break. To me that sounds like torture. Life is short and there is too much to do, to try and to learn. Read more …
DaniProject Manager, Resource Conductor, Dog Smoocher
I am a dog lover, tried and true. I’ve never met one that I haven’t liked. I appreciate all breeds, all furry faces and the eyes that lead to their voice. I have been graced with several best friends. Candie the cockapoo, Winston and Dante the bulldogs, and Geoffrey the beagle. Read more …
JonGraphic Designer, Urban Adventurist
I was once described as ‘random’ and felt it was one of the single nicest things anyone had said about me. With my home right in the city of Pittsburgh, I’ve found so many ways to take in all it has to offer: be it concerts, new eateries, events to attend, hockey games, museum exhibits, watching cult movies on rooftops or out exploring the city on my bike. Read more …
AnneGraphic Designer, Abominable Snowman
Growing up in Pittsburgh with my three older brothers and my five older cousins close in tow (all of them boys as well), being the only girl wasn’t always a cakewalk. I either had to get tough or get going. They were not about to cut me any slack for being a girl, and I was determined not to be left out of anything. Read more …