TraciCopywriter, Project Manager, Color Freak
When we bought our ski lodge-looking cedar home in November 2007, the first thing on my move-in agenda was paint. I needed color [and lots of it] to combat the rustic brown walls and ceilings and decks and surroundings. To our painter’s chagrin, I was fully satisfied 19 colors later. In August 2011, we moved once again to a larger abode with even more walls! The paint chips were flying like confetti.

At one time, I considered going to graphic design school, but a scholarship to Duquesne University resulted in a broader and better path. My undergrad degree in journalism/advertising [followed by a master’s in corporate communications] opened my eyes to the endless ways to express creativity. Over the past 24 years in agency, corporate and private business, I’ve written the words, produced the commercials, proofed at the press checks, designed the logos, developed the campaigns, bought the media and organized the AV. I have even sung the jingle demo [via a cassette tape that is locked away so as to never offend another human’s ears]. And in all of these instances, it has been about “the color.”

Color is emotion and balance. Color is fun and play … mixing and matching. It’s about finding the perfect combination of elements that makes the project complete. My kids think I’m an excellent artist — from Pokémon sketches and Halloween costumes, to birthday cakes and Christmas cards. I know the truth and, although my fine art skills are really just ok, my work allows me to be creative nearly every day.

I’m the person who saves swatches, files color chips and tears out references from the pages of magazines. I love watching shows like Project Runway and Top Chef because it’s about the colors, textures and presentation. And that love extends to finding the right words [and fonts to display those words!] in the right medium, and adding them to the right strategy to create a work of art.

Working with my clients on a new project or problem is just another excuse to bust out the virtual Crayolas and dream up a colorful solution.