NikkiProject Manager, Bargain Shopper, Research Guru
I am the definition of a bargain shopper. I owe it to my mother for never letting me pay full price for just about anything. It’s true that I get a rush out of a bargain and am always looking for a better deal. It’s helped me personally, as well as in the workplace. Why pay full price for something when the same exact thing is available at a lower price, with just a little research required? I do the same for every client, whether it’s trade show booth giveaways, investigating print costs or finding that perfect conference tote bag … I’m your girl.

My entry into the Perfect PlanIt world was an unforgettable baptism by fire. It was my junior year of college and Trac called me. [I had been helping PPI with little projects here and there during my time at the University of Pittsburgh.] Minutes later, my plane ticket was booked and off to Hollywood, FL, I went. I served as onsite staff for a first-time, three-day conference working 16-hour days, doing everything and anything … except eating … [just kidding! … we all know my love for food].

Obviously, researching comes along with the territory of any bargain shopper, so it’s no surprise that I have become proficient at that very task over the years. Just about anything that needs a deeper investigation — from locating a portable photo booth to uncovering where to get cookies iced with a logo — comes my way.

I just turned the big 3-0 and I still love my job. What else do I love? To-do lists and a good work out. My husband Nick (yes, we are Nick and Nikki) absolutely love being parents to our two kiddos.