NatalieEvent Strategist, Project Manager, Music Junkie
“I’ll take 80s Hair Bands for $1,000, Alex.” No, I haven’t been on Jeopardy, but if Name That Tune was still on the air, you’d be looking at a serious contender. I love music — in the crazy, obsessed, I-know-every-lyric-to-every-song kind of way. My internal music catalog dates back to my family’s annual road trips from Long Beach, CA, all the way to San Antonio, TX. Dad was into James Brown, Al Green and Marvin Gaye, definitely a solid foundation. My first live music concert was in September of 1981, just before my 13th birthday. It was the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with none other than The Rolling Stones, George Thorogood, The J. Geils Band and some relatively unknown guy named Prince. I was sold.

My family thinks I’m a walking playlist that is constantly on shuffle, and Traci once said that my iPod gave her musical whiplash, but I make no apologies for The Velvet Underground, the Jackson 5 or … Air Supply.

So then there’s my other passion, event planning. What started out as a job organizing corporate training has led to everything from non-profit convention planning to orchestrating technology and healthcare events, hotel management, and even indulging my inner rock star by managing the sales and marketing department for Hard Rock Café. They say the devil is in the details — and I think that this is where I shine. It’s all about the rhythm of multi-tasking, adapting to constant change and thriving on the pressure. Anyone can throw a party, but what excites me the most is helping our clients understand all of the moving parts behind creative, cost-effective events that make an impact and achieve objectives. I love what I do. I love what we do even more.

Events are a lot like a live concert: the hard work it takes to get there, the adrenaline rush, giving the audience what they came for, and leaving them wanting an encore.

Check one, two — is this thing on?