MeganBusiness Developer, Intrepid Explorer
I’m an explorer. Not the mud-in-my-shoes kind, but the kind of person who can’t stop trying new things. There’s this common perception that as we become mature adults we settle into routines we don’t like to break. To me that sounds like torture. Life is short and there is too much to do, to try and to learn. Even if it’s just a new recipe, that’s more interesting to me than the same meal I had a week ago just because it’s easy.

In business this is my greatest joy. I am instantly, endlessly interested in the work that others do and the challenges they face. I’ve held positions in product development, marketing and management. But somehow I always ended up in front of clients and prospects — a byproduct of exploring, and wanting to know what others are doing and how I can help. The job — to some — would just be called ‘sales,’ but to me, it isn’t selling. It’s the pleasure of meeting people, listening to what they have to say, learning what they are trying to accomplish and helping them get there.

That’s a journey worth taking, and it never disappoints.