JonGraphic Designer, Urban Adventurist
I was once described as ‘random’ and felt it was one of the single nicest things anyone had said about me. With my home right in the city of Pittsburgh, I’ve found so many ways to take in all it has to offer: be it concerts, new eateries, events to attend, hockey games, museum exhibits, watching cult movies on rooftops or out exploring the city on my bike. I take pride in veering off the beaten path and experiencing as much as I can. “Why join the Navy when you can be a pirate?” And when we have the opportunity, you’ll find my wife and me on our way to the airport … off to make memories traveling and exploring some place new.

Perhaps it’s this sense of adventure and spontaneity that led me into a creative career. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed making things … whatever the medium. From sketches on notebook covers to art classes and more, what I’ve enjoyed most is when I’m creating something and can see it from inception to completion. It’s this feeling that gives me such enjoyment in my career as a designer. Every day is different: a new client, a new project, a new challenge. In my nearly 10 years experience in the field, I have worked with a variety of clients — big, small and everywhere in between. The output may vary, but the mindset is the same. I take pride in learning about a company’s message, their goals, their brand. It’s easy to find inspiration in the passion someone shows when describing their vision for the future of their company.

This is where design plays a vital role … in the advancement of that vision. When I’m not cranking out design work for Perfect PlanIt, I serve on the executive board of AIGA Pittsburgh — the professional association for design — working to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. As a member of the board of directors, I work to help plan events, as well as develop chapter communications, including social media content and strategy development. It all may seem random to some but it makes perfect sense to me.