DougMarketer, Presentation Specialist, Mad Scientist
I once built an automatic dog feeder that would make Rube Goldberg proud, but I think it was the first time I fired up the homemade ski rope tow (after 50 hours of researching, designing and building) that I fully satisfied my inner passion. It had consumed me for an entire fall, that lovely little hill in our front yard we call Yoshi Mountain. (Caution is required when letting your kids name things … we also have a tractor named Yoshi.) Once I got the idea in my head, it was an unstoppable need … a problem to be solved. An itch in my brain that I could not scratch until, finally, Yoshi (the tractor) roared and the rope tow lurched to life. I laughed like a fool and did a happy dance.

I’m the same way with work. I love listening to people describe their business … where they want it to go, how they want it to grow, and wonder aloud the best way to get there. After two decades I still get the same feeling … like an electric current to my brain. Let’s figure this out.

Today, along with this amazing team, we tackle those challenges every day. We laugh a lot, sweat the details and end each day (whenever that day actually ends) having put in enormous effort solving our clients’ toughest marketing issues. We built an entire new arm of our business specializing in sales presentation design, because we delivered them so well for one client that we knew others needed to hear about them, too. Launching that business felt the same satisfying way as firing up the rope tow. It works!

I’ve held various positions at agencies, startups, consultancies and my own businesses. I’ve worked with Microsoft, NBC, Seagate, Amazon, AIG and countless smaller companies that face the same challenge: how to get more customers, keep the ones they have and grow their business. I love it.

I’ve been helping Traci build this business for more than 10 years. The challenges are always new, and ours to solve the way we do best. Clients are not our work. They’re part of our lives … our friends … they are that all-consuming itch in our brains that just has to be scratched.