CathyProject Manager, Speaker Whisperer, Movie Maniac
Scene 1. Lights. Camera. Action!

Setting: Early morning, quiet NYC street, yellow cab pulls up. Scene: She exits cab dressed in that iconic black dress with pearls and signature black sunglasses. She walks up to her favorite spot for breakfast …

I am a huge movie fan. From the story, the director and the choice of location, to the actors and their wardrobe and hair — it all sparks my interest. In those couple of hours, I get lost in the director’s vision. I get to laugh out loud, grab a box of tissues, or scream and hide my eyes. I’m also the one who buys her ticket two weeks in advance and enjoys the rush of seeing a movie at the midnight showing!

I see your event like a movie — your vision and the perfect setting [the script], the speakers [actors] and agenda [co-star] starring in your film. Also, with our team of directors, we can add “extras” that will keep them talking well after your event has come to a close. Both have the same end in mind: an audience left breathless and wanting more.

Here are a few of the roles I play:

Speaker Whisperer: My specialty … I adore all my speakers — they make a conference breathe.

Project Manager: I have yet to miss a deadline … and if one is approaching, get out of my way. If your project is time-sensitive, you want me on it!

List Management Queen: I can help you get that list under control and get your message out to the masses.

Agenda Wrangler: I work closely with your team to build a fantastic agenda that appeals to your attendees.

I love what I do! I love my Perfect PlanIt family and our awesome clients. So let’s make a movie. A blockbuster … something that knocks ‘em dead, just like that famous scene from my favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.